Pokémon hits 100m milestone

June 1st by Ben Parfitt

Super Mario may be its most recognisable icon, but Nintendo’s rotund plumber is fast being caught by the company’s second best-selling franchise, Pokémon – with the pocket monster series having now achieved cumulative worldwide shipments of 100 million units.

The Fire Red and Leaf Green editions of the franchise shipped 6.09million units in the year up to March 31st 2005. Also contributing heavily were 1.72million units of Pokémon Emerald.

Fire Red and Leaf Green were Nintendo’s biggest selling titles last year, though several others topped the million sales mark. Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Party 6 and Sawaru Made in Wario (the Japanese edition of Wario Ware Twisted) all passed the one million mark. The Classic NES series on the Game Boy Advance was also a huge success for the company, shifting 7.57m units.

However, Pokémon still has some way to go before it catches the Mario series, which up to now has shipped 181.17million units worldwide to date. Behind both of these lurk the likes of Donkey Kong on 46.51m and The Legend of Zelda on 46.33m.


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