PopCap co-founders depart studio

Erik Johnson
PopCap co-founders depart studio

PopCap has confirmed the impending exits of CEO Dave Roberts and chief game designer Jason Kapalka.

The developer confirmed that two-thirds of the studio's founding trio are stepping down from their posts. The last remaining co-founder, John Vechey, will take over as the studio's newly appointed general manager.

"We wish Dave all the best," Vechey stated to Venture Beat.

"When Dave joined PopCap, we needed a business leader to help us bring structure to our creative chaos and set us on a sustainable path. He has made a huge mark on PopCap, and we thank deeply him for it as he embraces his new adventure--which will probably consist of doing very little for a while!"

Vechey also touched on the studio's plan to move forward without the departing talent.

"We need to get back to the place where we used to be and not just in mobile. We have underinvested in new IP. Getting more new IP out per year is the goal. We want to formalize the creative process and get it to scale better."

PopCap was purchased by EA in 2011 for more than $750m ($1.3bn counting incentives).


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