PopCap likely to work with existing EA IP

Will Freeman
PopCap likely to work with existing EA IP

Speaking at GDC Europe PopCap's director of online business Bart Barden has said the casual gaming company may look to work with EA's established IP in the wake of the buyout by the publisher.

"Everything will improve with EA," said Barnden at the Q&A session following his talk on localisation and 'regionalisation'.

Barden went on to say that while PopCap has made a success out of creating it's own IP for 10 years, it may work on cross-branding with existing EA IP.

"I think there are certain aspects of the products that would really make sense in that way; things like mini games or pieces of games, or maybe small features that sit on top of some of the core games," he said, later adding: "I do see a lot of synergies for, probably, cross promotion. I think it's about getting the PopCap people excited about EA's social games and visa versa. There's probably the biggest bang for the buck there, at least in the near term."

Develop has the full story.


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