Prey to follow Half-Life 2 download model

19 May 2005 By Matt Martin

Upcoming PC shooter Prey will be available via online distribution in a partnership with Game xStream - a move that echoes Half-Life 2’s recent distribution through Valve’s Steam technology. This high-performance delivery system effectively cuts the traditional retail environment out of the route to market.

Prey is in development at 3D Realms and Human Head Studios and has recently been snapped up by Take 2’s publishing offshoot 2K Games.

Game xStream enables publishers to offer games for distribution and sale online, and the company claims the consumer is able to play the game within minutes of initiating the download due to background streaming.

“Together 3D Realms and Game xStream are ushering in a whole new secure delivery service platform that gives consumers the ability to play a game as soon as it’s released,” said Terry Nagy, VP of business development for Game xStream.

“Working with 3D Realms on the first online distribution of the high profile release Prey is a strong vote of confidence for the Game xStream service,” added Nagy. Prey will be released on PC in 2006.


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