PS2 breaks 90 million mark

June 6th by Johnny Minkley

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed that its PlayStation 2 console has now achieved cumulative worldwide shipments of over 90 million units as of June 2nd.

PS2, which launched in Japan on March 4th 2000, has hit the 90m mark within five years and three months of launch – significantly, two years and three months faster than the original PlayStation.

Cumulative sales per territory are as follows: Japan (launched March 4th 2000) – 21.04 million units; North America (launched October 26th 2000) – 36.48m units; Europe/PAL (launched November 24th 2000) - 32.48m units.

Sony further announced that software shipments had exceeded 800 million units, with over 5,000 titles currently available for the system.


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