PS3 breaks Sony record

It’s encouraging news for the platform holder, though the numbers are still significantly down on Sony’s predicted worldwide shipment figure of two million units. However, the firm maintains that it is on track to ship six million units worldwide by the end of March.

The exact number of units sold at retail has not been confirmed.

“We went to great lengths to help meet demand for PS3, including airlifting systems into North America on a weekly basis to ensure a steady stream of units were available to consumers throughout the holiday season,” SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton stated. “The fact that we were able to reach the one-million mark faster than our top-selling platform further validates the strength of the PlayStation brand and our belief that consumers are ready to experience true high-definition gaming.” 
“Reaching the one million mark for PS3 is the first of many major milestones for us as we head into a new year.  Even more impressive, is that we were able to accomplish this feat while successfully managing two other platforms – PS2 and PSP.”

Sony has yet to announce the number of PS3 consoles shipped to Japan, though it is believed that around 80,000 units were available on launch day. This compares to the estimated 150,000 units that hit retail on the US launch on November 17th.


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