PS3 gets 1.80 firmware update

Sony has announced the specs of its version 1.80 PlayStation 3 firmware update, which will be available on May 24th, and it is the upscaling of PS2, PSOne and DVD content that catches the eye.

Once the firmware is downloaded, PS3 will upscale all content to 1080p, theoretically improving the visual quality of back-catalogue and movie titles.

Also included is remote access via PSP, allowing owners of the handheld to access their PS3s from anywhere in the world via a wi-fi connection. PSP owners will have to update their handheld with the latest 3.50 firmware, which will be available later this month.

In addition, 1.80 will enhance PS3’s PC media streaming functions and offer compatibility with various Epsom printers, allowing users to print out photos from either the PS3’s hard drive or inserted memory cards.


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