PS3 piracy begins

Ben Parfitt
Just over six months after it first hit the shelves, hackers claim to have successfully circumnavigated the PS3’s anti-piracy software by exploiting firmware versions 1.10 and 1.11, CVG reports.

By doing so they have successfully booted up copied versions of PS3 games – although at the moment, hackers are yet to get the copied software to run. To date there has also been no success in getting the console to run homebrew software.

Despite Sony’s ongoing efforts to halt it, the PSP is home to a thriving homebrew community, and the publisher will no doubt be hoping that the PS3 does not go the same way.

However, the fact that networking and internet connections are so integral to the PS3 experience works in Sony’s favour, as any user who wishes to modify their machines faces the prospect of being cut off from Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Microsoft has implemented similar measures with its Xbox 360, blocking access to Xbox Live.


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