PS3's Home to go live in October

The PlayStation Home community will officially launch on PS3 in October, according to a Sony development Q&A.

The document, which appears on Sony’s website for developers, reveals that the initial Home download will arrive at “under 500MB” with later patches integrated as part of a streaming system.

“Subsequent downloads will hopefully integrate a streaming method that makes them negligible,” Sony claims. When the service is up and running, it says Home will be updated weekly with new content from “…the service itself, first party and third party publishers, non-game brands and ultimately users themselves”.

The Q&A also reveals that access to the service may not be exclusive to the PS3. It reads: “Over time our intention is to enable users to interface certain Home features and services via other networked devices such as PlayStation Portable... and mobile phones.”

In addition, the PDF document mentions Sony's plans to expand the service. It talks of a number of features that third parties might be able to use in future: “Bespoke events such as exclusive game previews and developer interviews will be organised by Home and its affiliated content providers. Live events such as sports and concerts may also be broadcast within Home.”

And, of course, the Q&A runs through some games content. “There is a huge scope for publishers and developers to promote their current and future IPs - as well as exploiting their back-catalogue,” the document states. “For example, it will be possible to develop small demo-areas within Home that promote new titles, or to re-publish an old IP as mini-game within their Home Space.”

Commerce is also covered in the statement. Home subscribers will be able to buy assets, such as clothing, for their avatar and commerce will eventually be open to individuals via an auction service.


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