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As reported by MCV, eBay posted a statement to all of its registered users yesterday morning, warning that selling PS3 imports was strictly prohibited before February next year – when official domestic pre-orders for the console begin.

The release went to on to warn: ‘Please be aware that we may take action against your account if your listing doesn’t comply with these guidelines.’

Most of the offending grey market sellers have posted from the Far East, from countries including Singapore and China, but a number of UK members are also offering the console.

PS3 went on sale in Japan last Saturday, and had been swamped with UK grey importers until yesterday’s statement.

Prices have dropped since earlier in the week, when PS3s were being sold for £1200. eBay members are now offering the console for as low as £579.99 via the site’s Buy It Now service, which lets users purchase items immediately, freezing out other members from making bids.

Some bids on consoles sold through eBay’s traditional auction engine stand at just £390 with nine hours left – a product of consumers having the choice of so many second-hand consoles. The listings act as further evidence that many of Japan’s 80,000 allocation of the console have been re-sold to foreign territories. 

PS3 is officially launched in the UK in March next year.

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