PS3 video downloads loom

Whilst confusion remains concerning whether or not Sony will release the recently announced 80GB PS3 outside of Korea, one news source is claiming that the platform holder will soon launch a video-on-demand service in that country.

Korea Times quotes a Sony spokesperson as stating: “We are contacting some Korean firms in order to incorporate VOD applications into PlayStation 3 service line-up.”

A spokesperson for Hanaro Telecom, an established Korean VOD provider, added: “We are negotiating with Sony and the atmosphere is pretty good. We hope we will be able to reach an agreement in June.

“Should we strike a deal with Sony, PlayStation 3 users can watch all the HanaTV programs after downloading software, without having to buy a dedicated set-top box.''

Sony has previously claimed that VOD content will arrive in Europe by the end of the year. Rival firm Microsoft launched its Xbox 360 VOD service in the US last year, but to date has not dated its arrival in Europe.


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