PS4 beats Xbox One in retail web traffic share

Ben Parfitt
PS4 beats Xbox One in retail web traffic share

Sony’s PS4 has commanded a greater share of online web traffic across five leading retail websites in the UK.

That’s according to new data from which analyses website activity.

Note that specialist retailers such as GAME obviously see a higher percentage of their traffic devoted to games. The share on other sites is lower as games have to compete with a far higher number of other products.

PS4’s lead is narrow on sites such as GAME, Argos and Tesco but on Zavvi and Asda it enjoyed twice the amount of attention as Xbox One.

Here’s the data

PS4 – 12%
Xbox One – 11%

PS4 – 8.6%
Xbox One – 3.2%

PS4 – 1.2%
Xbox One – 0.9%

PS4 – 0.3%
Xbox One – 0.2%

PS4 – 1.1%
Xbox One – 0.6%


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