PS4 SharePlay session restricted to 60 minutes

Ben Parfitt
PS4 SharePlay session restricted to 60 minutes

Bit by bit, more details concerning the technical requirements of Sony’s SharePlay plan for PS4 are beginning to emerge.

And here’s an important one – sessions will be limited to 60 minutes, GameSpot reports.

There’s no limit on the number of times someone can use SharePlay, however, so it may be possible to simply start over every hour. Sony will hopefully flesh out the details a bit in the near future.

We also know that SharePlay will be compatible with all DualShock 4 PS4 titles and does not require special coding from developers to implement.

Also confirmed is that prior to some reports, SharePlay visitors won’t be able to save a game’s data to their own system as all the action takes place on the host’s machine.

SharePlay uses Sony’s streaming game technology to allow PS4 owners to invite other PS4 owning friends to remotely take control of their games via the internet.


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