PSN and XBL to suffer South Korean shutdown

Ben Parfitt
PSN and XBL to suffer South Korean shutdown

SCE Korea has confirmed that it will be blocking access to the PlayStation Network for users under the age of 16 every night between midnight an 6am.

Microsoft is to implement a similar measure on Xbox Live, too.

Originally it was thought that games consoles would not be affected by new South Korean laws aiming to curb online games addiction, Kotaku reports, but this is now not the case.

In addition, from this Friday (November 18th) those aged under 16 will not be able to register a new PSN account.

Platform holders have complained about the short timeframe which they have been given to implement the new measures. Indeed, Sony has yet to confirm exactly how it will go about handling the situation.

The move will also hit Xbox Live, though Sony’s machine enjoys a far broader user base in the territory. Apparently Microsoft is considering simply shutting down its entire XBL network in the region for all users every night.


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shutdown =/= blocking young users late at night

Paul Arkz

Nov 16th 2011 at 5:33AM

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