PSN discount for Ghost of Sparta

Ben Parfitt
PSN discount for Ghost of Sparta

Sony has confirmed that the digital version of the upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta will retail for just £16.99 on PSN’s PlayStation Store.

This not only represents a decent saving on the £24.99 High Street RRP for the UMD version, but it’s also a very compelling price for what is unarguably a triple-A release on Sony’s handheld.

It has previously been confirmed that anyone who buys Ready At Dawn’s game will also receive a character skin for Deimos for PS3 title God of War III.

Voices have been calling for cheaper digital PSP games for quite some time, with Team 17’s Martyn Brown saying in August that the PSPgo’s struggles don’t stem from its digital-only nature but instead from the price of its games.

Last month Sony confirmed global price cuts for the PSPgo, with the machine’s UK RRP falling from £225 to £160. In the US the machine has dropped to $199 (that’s a $50 cut) and in Japan it now costs ¥26,800 (a drop of over $100).


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