PSP everywhere, as Sony spends

The ‘Entertainment Here’ campaign focuses on outdoor media and is the first brand work since the system’s launch. It is accompanied by a further extension of the nationwide sampling initiatives that successfully ran alongside initial roll-out last year.

Sony will seek to make clear to consumers that PSP is far more than just a games system, with the recognisable media icons representing movies, photo storage, MP3 music storage and wireless Internet connectivity at the heart of the creative.

“The ads demonstrate that PSP’s various functions offer a multitude of ways to entertain users whenever and wherever they are,” Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s UK marketing manager Mary Tristram told MCV.

“Crucially, the consumer will see multiple messages to build up the multimedia functionality message. We are also continuing the campaign in retail with different messaging to reflect the environment.”

Media is national and includes buses, six-sheets, tube cards, underground 48-sheet and 16-sheet, mega 4-sheets and special building wraps in eight cities. There are 22 different copy-only executions, playing on words to challenge consumers to decode the message.

Alongside the outdoor work is a massive sampling campaign, which has already kicked off, hitting every target group from gamers and students to air travellers.

“A lot of people know about the PSP but haven’t really seen it or experienced the full range of entertainment options it offers. We’re putting it into people’s hands, which has a far greater impact than telling them to go to a website,” added special projects manager Emma Calvert.

The outdoor campaign starts appearing on the nation’s streets and underground walls from Monday (February 27th).


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