PSP price cut in Europe

Ben Parfitt
PSP price cut in Europe

News agency Bloomberg is reporting that Sony has cut the price of the PSP in Europe.

The platform holder reduced the price of the machine in the US earlier this year, with many presuming that the shift in strategy was in preparation for the arrival of NGP later this year.

The European RRP has reportedly been cut from €169.99 to €129.99. In the UK the PSP officially carries an RRP of around £140, though it is typically found new for around £130.

If true, this price could bring the device close to the magic £99.99 price-point in the UK.

MCV has contacted SCE UK for clarification.

“The price cut is aimed at increasing adoption of the player in Europe,” spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka is quoted as saying.

Sony has previously claimed that both the PSP and NGP will co-exist on the market once the new device arrives.


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