PSP Store portal unveiled

Shacknews reports that at its showcase Gamers Day event in the US this week, Sony of America has confirmed that it plans to launch a PSP Store allowing gamers to download a wide variety of content via a wi-fi network.

"I think the advent of a long awaited and quite frankly long overdue ability to deliver a downloadable service for the PSP will help us out a great deal," SCEA president Jack Tretton said. "Hopefully we'll have it out there by the fall."

The platform holder also announced that it intends to follow Microsoft’s example by releasing a public beta version of its upcoming multiplayer action title Warhawk. This will go live in the US on May 24th.

Sony also confirmed that that game will be available both via the PS3 Store and through traditional retail, though the boxed version will also include a bundled Bluetooth headset.

This should put to bed the previous ‘will they’ ‘won’t they’ confusion surrounding the Sony’s plans for the game.

In addition, a new instalment to its tactical warfare series SOCOM, entitled Confrontation, is bound for PS3. It will allow for 32-player online gameplay and will receive regular online content updates. It is due out later this year.


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