PSPgo to cost £200?

Ben Parfitt
PSPgo to cost £200?

Despite the weekend leak of virtually everything Sony had to say about its new machine, the official E3 unveiling of the PSPgo was still exciting – and now thoughts have turned to how much the machine will retail for in the UK.

Jack Tretton announced on stage that the PSPgo will retail for $250 in the US. The European price has since been set at €250.

Could that mean a £250 UK price tag is on the cards?

The current machine retails full price between £90 and £150, depending on the model and bundle. It’s unlikely Sony will match that for the PSPgo. Unlikely, too, is the chances of Sony’s UK price directly reflecting that seen overseas – the US price translates to £150.

A direct Euro conversion brings the PSPgo in at £215 – a more realistic figure. Will Sony round that off for the UK market?


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