Publishers plotting iPhone games

The device was revealed by Apple boss Steve Jobs at the annual MacWorld expo in San Francisco yesterday. Despite no mention of games capability, a number of innovative functions have already got content publishers buzzing – including a dual touch screen not dissimilar to that seen on Nintendo’s DS.

I-Play, publisher of mobile games such as 24, Goodfellas and The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo, said that the new device “opened up considerable opportunities”.

I-Play CEO David Gosen told MCV: “The iPhone announcement continues to build on the great focus that the mobile industry is enjoying at present. The awareness it generates that the mobile phone is as much an entertainment device as a communications tool opens up considerable opportunities for those of us involved in this dynamic business.

“It looks like a triumph of design with substance. For gaming, the ‘way you play’ and the end player’s interface with the game will be critical, as will its entry price point. Simple and intuitive will have to be key”

Business development developer at Player X Monty Munford added the gadget’s touch screen could even highlight limitations on current handsets.

Munford told MCV: “The iPhone is definitely something we’re interested in. It opens up an exciting extra channel for mobile gaming. The touch screen interface is totally new and hugely exciting for us as content providers. It’ll be interesting to see how it works but it’s got real potential to show up limitations on current phones for developers.”


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