Pure Football price cut to £9.99

Dominic Sacco
Pure Football price cut to £9.99

Budget multiformat game Pure Football has been advertised by Blockbuster for £9.99 – less than two months after it hit store shelves.

The retailer has placed a series of ads in Metro listing the game at £9.99. It is selling copies of Ubisoft’s five-a-side footie title on its website as well as in stores.

Pure Football originally went on sale on May 28th with Xbox 360, PC and PS3 versions retailing for £29.99. It went head-to-head with EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup which was released a month earlier.

Ubisoft even signed a deal with Liverpool star Steven Gerrard to feature in Pure Football’s box art.

Earlier this year Namco Bandai’s Clash of Titans also received a £29.99 RRP – a price sitting halfway between the traditional budget £19.99 and full £44.99 RRPs.


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