Quotes of the Year

Ben Parfitt
Quotes of the Year

“It was a bigger iPod Touch. There was no surprises for me.”
Satoru Iwata was unimpressed by the iPad’s announcement. 29/01/10

"All my life I was the rebel flying the Millenium Falcon, and then suddenly I wake up and find myself on board the Death Star."
Gaming’s ‘dark lord’ Bobby Kotick refelcts on his reputation. 18/02/10

“I am in a room full of gamers. I feel so alone.”
Sophie Ellis Bextor at the Call of Duty launch party. Bless. 08/11/10

“I've made a lot of good games, but never a great game.”
Peter Molyneux doesn’t believe his long list of incredible games are actually all that. 01/10/10

“Getting mad at Activision for this kind of thing is like getting mad at an ape for throwing faeces. It’s just how the beast communicates.”
Tim Schafer chips in on Activision’s dismissal of Infinity Ward founders Zampella and West. 01/03/10

“I can’t wait for you to try this.”
Satoru Iwata holds the 3DS aloft to a packed auditorium at E3. 15/06/10

“I often think that the best way to liberate Iran is just to drop Nintendo consoles from the air. And Big Macs.”
Salman Rushdie on how video games can free Iran. 29/10/10

“Those games they call PlayStation are poison. Some games teach you to kill. Are sold by capitalist countries to sow violence so they can later sell weapons. They promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol so they can sell them.”

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez warns of the evils of capitalism. 18/01/10

“Our games are not designed for young people. If you are a parent and buy one of our games for your child, then you are a terrible parent.”

Rockstar’s Lazlow Jones defends the firm’s violent games on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat. 21/05/10

“We’re the only publisher that developers can count on to be around in the long term. We have a stronger balance sheet than the US treasury.”
Activision’s COO and CFO Thomas Tippl brags about the publisher’s profitability. 15/06/10

“Realtime Worlds has led the games industry in many ways and are a hugely important player in the Scottish economy.”
Alistair Darling visits Realtime Worlds ahead of the General Election. Labour were ousted the following month. And, er, the studio closed three months later. 16/04/10

"Video games are addictive, they promote hatred, racism, sexism and they reward violence. What kind of a message is that?"
Actress Julie Peasgood goes on a rant against video games on The Alan Titchmarsh Show. 19/03/10

“Chinatown Wars has certainly suffered at the hands of piracy.”
Outgoing Take-Two CEO Ben Feder blames R4 for slow sales of GTA: Chinatown Wars. 29/03/10

“Sony needs to come back with something on PSP pretty quickly to stay in the game because Nintendo are shit hot at getting these things right. And they always get these things right.”
Capcom’s European chief David Reeves warns Sony about taking on the 3DS. 18/6/10

“I am convinced that in future we must change the price of games – they’re too expensive for the audience.”

Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte calls for the industry to pull together and work out new business models. 15/05/10

“Online Pass is a way for us to frankly bring more digital experiences quicker. If it is going to be successful, it is up to us to create compelling, fresh, 365-days a year, digital experiences. And there is a cost to serve that we deserve to get paid for.”
EA Sports chief Peter Moore defends the decision to charge buyers of pre-owned games for multiplayer. 3/6/10

“To think everything will be downloaded in two years, three years or even ten years from now is taking it a little bit to the extreme."

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai dismisses a download-only future. 19/08/10

“Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first-person shooters on the PC anymore.”
Microsoft’s Mr. Kinect Kudo Tsunoda pisses off PC FPS fans. 21/9/10

“We support tax breaks for the video games industry.”
Ed Vaizey insists the Tories will introduce tax breaks. 29/03/10

“We will not go ahead with the poorly-targeted tax relief for the video games industry.”

But, three months later, Chancellor George Osbourne U-turns on Vaizey’s industry-pleasing promise. 22/06/10

“Apologies for the delay. It's because time and labour were spent ironing the kinks out of complex system. I'm really sorry. Everyone, it's inexcusable... Wait a little longer.”
GT5 lead designer Kzaunori Yamauchi after delaying the game for the 1,000th time


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