Racing Studio set to double in size

But while development studios the world over are looking for talent to round out next-gen games teams - making for a competitive recruitment landscape - studio head Guy Wilday thinks he has the edge on ways to tempt staff aboard: the promise of work on well-known IP such as Sega Rally and a working environment he calls an unparalleled "creative centre".

"We have very ambitious plans and we're looking for more excellent staff to join the studio and staff us up for work on projects we're setting up for the future," Wilday told MCV.

The Racing Studio was set-up as part of Sega's determined plans to consolidate its European base, but the team is now entering the second phase of its own development. At E3 work on the PS3 and 360 version of Sega Rally was announced, while two other projects are also on the cards.

By the end of its growth spurt the team reckons it can produce two titles a year for owner Sega Europe.

Wilday explained that key focus is on quickly growing the programming staff for his Core Technology team, which will be providing the foundation tech for all of its projects – although the door’s also open to art, audio and production staff. This is all because an important part of the studio strategy (and in order to counteract asset-hungry next-gen demands) has been to rely on outsourcing for art and audio - which Wilday says in turn helps make for a more compelling working environment.


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