Rainbow 6's lead devs axed by Ubisoft

Craig Chapple
Rainbow 6's lead devs axed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has axed leading members of the Montreal development team behind its upcoming Rainbow 6 Patriots game, it has been revealed.

As reported by Game Informer, the publisher has confirmed that creative director David Sears, narrative head Richard Rouse III, lead designer Philippe Therien and animation director Brent George have all been removed from the project.

The game, announced last year, was set to take a darker tone for the series by throwing a number of ethical considerations at the player.

Ubisoft however appears to have abandoned the game’s previous direction with the shakeup, although the game is still scheduled for a tentative 2013 release for Xbox 360, PS3 an d PC.

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Given Ubisoft's trend for cookie-cutter games development, (see Assassins Creed), then expect just another CoD clone, perks and all.


Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown INDUSTRY
Mar 9th 2012 at 8:16AM

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