Read this week's MCV online

Christopher Dring
Read this week's MCV online

You can now read the digital edition of this week's MCV magazine – simply point your browser here.

You can download the PDF edition or flick through the pages online. Alternatively, for iPad owners, please give our iPad edition a try by downloading it for free from iTunes.

This week's MCV features our full interview with SCEE's Andrew House and Sony Ericsson's David Hilton, there's an in-depth look at the February sales data, and we ask the industry when will glasses-based 3D will take-off?

On top of that, there's our QA and Localisation special and an analysis of the beat 'em up genre.

The iPad and online editions of MCV are available now, and both feature trailers for Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and WWE All Stars.
These editions are sponsored by creative agency FreeformLondon, which also sponsors the MCV Online iPhone App.


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