Real PS3 numbers, modestly revealed

Real PS3 numbers, modestly revealed

The high ticket price of PS3 has rankled many a consumer, the delay of the European launch didn’t exactly go down well and there have even been mutterings that the PlayStation’s reign as console king is coming to an end.

Redundancies on both sides of the Atlantic haven’t helped. Some of the comments have been fair, some not so (witness how the fact that SCEE has ensured a plentiful supply of hardware stock from launch – a feat never achieved before in the industry’s history – has somehow been turned into a negative in some grubby corners of the internet).

So you could have forgiven SCEE boss David Reeves if he’d thumbed his nose at the doubters and issued an ebullient press release celebrating one million sales of PS3 across PAL territories. But that’s not his style.

He instead chose to discuss the milestones of PS3’s launch period – exclusively with MCV – by demonstrating the desire of SCEE to avoid any accusations of arrogance. And to simply get on with the job in hand.

As well as that sell-through of over a million units in less than ten weeks, there are number of other impressive points worth mentioning…

PS3 has launched in over 100 PAL territories – 107, if you include the likes of San Marino and Vatican City (yes, really) – meaning that SCEE has reached around 95 per cent of the total PAL region.

In terms of individual territories, the UK has led the way, claiming around 25 per cent of sales. Iberia and France are showing strong revenues, too, while SCEE distributor territories such as Russia and the Middle East are performing above expectations.

“These are very lucrative markets, with a lot of wealthy people there – so there’s not been such a worry about the price,” Reeves explained wryly.

Then there’s the take-up of consumers on PlayStation Network. Demonstrating his trademark modesty, Reeves admitted that online has been “a steep learning curve”. But he is rightly proud that over 40 per cent of PS3 owners have subscribed already – ahead of Home’s much-anticipated launch.

There’s still much for Sony to do, of course. But these strong stats will surprise some – and maybe even silence others. The race continues, but for now SCEE can enjoy a job well done.


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