Rebellion emerges as new UK force

SCi/Eidos pulled out of buying Empire this week. And whilst no one was willing to discuss the future, MCV can reveal that internal studio Strangelite was at the same time sold to Rebellion.

Strangelite produced PC conversions of Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis and, more recently, Starship Troopers.

Rebellion, meanwhile, has grown hugely in the space of less than a month – having recently bought the assets of the famous Core Design from SCI/Eidos (MCV 12/05).

Some analysts have even been suggesting that Rebellion may look to make a  follow-up bid for Empire in its entirety.

But Rebellion chief executive Jason Kingsley remained cagey when questioned by MCV. “There is a masterplan,” he said. “Of course we need to grow, but we’re not interested in publishing at the moment.

“You can never say never, though. Everything’s open for discussion. It might be a barmy idea but we’ve gone ahead with barmy ideas before.”


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