new website - with hundreds of vacancies already available to browse.">

Recruiter makes Specialmove to new website features a powerful search and match engine for jobseekers and has a host of new and revamped features.

Jobseekers can register, generate a profile, upload their CV, set preferences for job hunting and search for vacancies based on their own criteria. A rundown of the top ten 'hottest' industry jobs will be posted on the site every day.

Companies searching for new recruits can also use the site to discover suitable candidates from Specialmoves' thousands of registered users.

Recruitment executive at Specialmove Matthew Hill said: "The launch of the new website is yet another milestone for our growing business. Specialmove prides itself on being different from most other recruiters.

"The website is geared towards making the whole process of finding a job or finding staff as simple as possible. Not only that - it looks great too."


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