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James Batchelor
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The highly anticipated Resident Evil 5 finally arrives this Friday, leading a wave of new releases with its gruesome zombie-fuelled action.

Capcom’s latest release continues the story of the long-running survival horror series and breaks new ground for the franchise. As well as being the first Resident Evil to be developed for the current generation of hardware, it is the first to be released simultaneously across multiple formats.

Meanwhile, Sega’s iconic mascot Sonic The Hedgehog also returns to shelves this week in the Wii-exclusive Sonic And The Black Knight. Following on from the success of Sonic And The Secret Rings, this game introduces motion-based sword combat to the series.

Other releases this week include Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Disney), Job Island: Hard Working People (Konami) and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (D3P).


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