RETAIL BIZ: Price Check

James Batchelor
RETAIL BIZ: Price Check

MCV’s vital weekly retail digest RetailBiz is now available to view online and download now.

MCV visited Maidstone for our regular price check, where rental giant Blockbuster is matching and in some cases undercutting online retailers’ price points.

The company was able to match Gameplay’s price of £24.98 for the PS3 edition of James Cameron’s Avatar, and was only three pence over’s offer of £14.95 for Rabbids Go Home.

Blockbuster even managed to undercut our four chosen online retailers by selling Planet 51: The Game on Wii for £14.98 – only Gameplay and Amazon came close to matching this at £17.98 and £18.98 respectively.

Click here for the full price check.


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