Retail hopes for late City winner

The game, which was due to arrive today (October 28th), has already shipped in the US. Earlier this week it was revealed that a November 4th date was looking likely for Europe, but MCV understands the Rockstar title will not make that date either.

Both Rockstar and distributor Gem were unable to confirm whether the game would be arriving next week.

The trade, meanwhile, is awash with rumours about the slip – particularly given the fact the release of Rockstar’s big hope this side of the Atlantic will now fall outside of Take 2’s current financial year.

Some have suggested that the game is deliberately being held back as a spoiler for next week’s launch of Nintendo’s Game Boy Micro and the looming arrival of Xbox 360.

Others believe that a bundle may be planned by Sony featuring the game. Sony last week announced that a £215 PSP ‘Giga Pack’ will be launching next month with rumours now rife that another pack featuring Liberty City Stories is also on the cards. The title has long been tipped as a hardware-shifter.

Meanwhile, UK retailers are keeping their fingers crossed that the delay will not lead to too many sales being lost this side of the Atlantic, as impatient consumers opt to buy imported copies of the game. As early as Wednesday (October 26th) – just a day after the game’s release in the US – Liberty City Stories was available to buy from UK online sites and indie stores.


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