Retail is most stressful sector, says report

A new Axa PPP survey on workplace stress is published today, reports The Retail Bulletin. Retail beat by some distance those that work in IT, 59.1 per cent of whom suggested stress was a problem in their workplace.

Banking and finance came close with 52 per cent, while half of respondents in the hotels and restaurants business believed stress a major part of their day.

Dr Mark Simpson, managing director of AXA PPP occupational health services says retail roles are typically “high demand, low control” with staff often out of their depth, but not in a position to make changes without involvement from above.

“This is a classic recipe for occupational stress,” says Dr Simpson. “At the same time retail is a fiercely competitive market with management under extreme pressure to hit sales targets, so staff well-being can't always be a head office priority,” says Dr Simpson.

He also notes that retail has a particularly transitory workforce, making stress measurement and management difficult to achieve effectively.

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