Retail: Wii still have consoles for sale

Toys R Us, Asda and a number of leading independent outlets have opted to put their full stock quota up for sale on launch day, rather than allocate units through a pre-order system.

“As we’ve decided to sell from day one rather than using a pre-order system, we’re going to see just how manic customers are for Wii on launch day,” games buyer at Asda Sanjay Kapoor told MCV. “From what they’ve told us, we could easily sell ten times more than our allocation.”

Toys R Us’ allocation will go on sale across the UK at 9am tomorrow morning. The retailer has run full-page advertising in The Daily Mirror and other national media this morning.

A number of major indies that MCV spoke to confirmed that they hadn’t taken any Wii pre-orders to remain fair to their customer base.

“We’ve had 15 in from Koch via the Nindie system and we’ve managed to haggle for some more from another local store,” said MD of Media Entertainment in Hampshire Simon Gough. “We’re running a first come, first served system, which we’re hoping will mean that our most loyal customers have a better chance of getting a Wii.”

A leading North London indie added: “We’re getting them in by hook or by crook, that’s all I can say. If we ran a pre-order system, we’d not only run the risk of letting our best customers down, but we’d miss out on the local publicity that comes from the massive queues we’ll see at midnight.”

Keen gamers have already begun queuing outside major retailers ahead of midnight launches tonight. According to The Sun, Marwan Elgamal, 17, of Wembley, has already bagged himself the first place in the queue outside HMV in London's Oxford Street. The store will fulfil pre-orders, and has 125 consoles to sell outright.


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