Revenues up, losses down at Eidos

The SCi group, which includes the public-facing Eidos brand, revealed that revenues for the six months to December 31st 2006 stood at £74.5 million, up a healthy £24.4 million compared to the same period the previous year. Losses were reduced by £2 million year on year, and were announced to have totalled £17.9 million.

The SCi statement highlighted the £44.5 million investment, primary US distribution and licensing deal with Warner Bros alongside two UK number one products Just Cause and Battlestations Midway as notable successes for the year. The acquisition of Rockpool Games and Bluefish Media were also considered highlights in the six months up to December 31st 2006, alongside the establishing of a new development studio in Montreal.

SCi chief executive Jane Cavanagh also stated where the firm’s immediate priorities lie in terms of releasing new titles.

“As we do not believe that the installed base will be high enough until the second half of our 2008 financial year, most of our major product releases on the PlayStation 3 platform are not scheduled before that date."

“Sony’s principal competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo, launched their next generation platforms earlier . The Board believes that both of these platforms will be successful. We have already launched a number of products in the Xbox 360 and plan to release our first Wii products in Spring 2007.”

“In addition, the increasing opportunities for digital sales to consumers, through PC downloads as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, provide the basis for improved margins,” she added.


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