Riccitiello’s shoes filled at VG Holding

Greg Richardson has taken the position of CEO at VG Holding, following John Riccitiello’s departure for EA.

VG Holding is an operating company of combined developers Bioware/Pandemic Studios, which formed an alliance in 2005 with Elevation Partners – where Riccitiello was also MD before returning to EA.

Next-gen.biz reports that Richardson has 12 years of games industry experience and has been a senior executive with BioWare/Pandemic since its inception.

He was most recently the company’s VP of commercial operations. Co-incidentally, Richardson was a general manager of EA partners before he joined Elevation Partners as an executive-in-residence.

According to VG Holding, BioWare and Pandemic have collectively sold more than 33 million copies of games accounting for more than $950 million (E719m) in revenue.

Roger McNamee, MD and co-founder of Elevation Partners said: “The BioWare/Pandemic alliance broke new ground with two of the top independent game studios coming together to collaborate on creative ideas and cutting edge technologies while supporting distinctive cultures and strengths.

“A catalyst in the creation of this unique venture, Greg is the natural choice to work with the BioWare/Pandemic executives as they come to create award-winning titles and expand their talent base.”


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