Rockstar hits back after Bully ban

Currys, Dixons and PC World this week shied away from stocking the title, thanks to fears it would tarnish their firmly-friendly public image. But Rockstar took a swipe at the decision, implying that such measures undermine consumers' freedom to choose.

“Retailers have the final say on what kind of entertainment their stores will offer, but consumers rely on the BBFC ratings to help them decide what content is appropriate for them to buy,” a Rockstar spokesperson told MCV.

“The most important thing we all can do is promote and support a consistent and reliable rating system. When Canis Canem Edit comes out next week, consumers will be able to make up their own minds. We will never convince everyone, but we hope most people will appreciate the story in the game as much as they enjoy similar stories in books, plays and movies."

Despite the decision by some retailers, leading specialist GAME has backed Rockstar, with a spokesperson for the retailer telling MCV: “We will be stocking the title Canis Canem Edit in all of our stores at launch and will ensure that its BBFC ‘15’ rating is clearly enforced.”


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