Rockstar thanks supporters

Ben Parfitt
After a turbulent fortnight following the UK banning and, effectively, the US outlawing of its violent stealth sequel Manhunt 2, Rockstar has sent a message to its userbase thanking them for their support – as well as defending its game.

The mail reads: "We are very proud of Manhunt 2 and believe it builds on what the team accomplished with the first title in the series. The game was developed as a horror experience, and to be an M rated title, aligning it with similar horror content created in other forms of media.

"Unlike many other people, we do not think videogames should be singled out for special treatment from the authorities. We hope to have more information for you soon, but in the meantime, we wanted you to know how much we value all of your messages of support."

For the time being, Rockstar has suspended the title whilst it considers it options – though some rumours have indicated that the firm may appeal the decision.


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