Rockstar to appeal Manhunt 2 ban?

Ben Parfitt
Just as we thought this weeks’ dramatic events had been put to bed, one consumer games site is reporting that the Manhunt 2 saga could be set for another twist.

Gavin Ogden at CVG reports that an anonymous source claims that Rockstar does indeed intend to appeal against the BBFC’s decision to ban the game from UK retail. As part of the BBFC’s adjudicating process, the firm has six weeks to appeal against the decision.

The controversial developer and publisher has yet to publically state its intentions, sticking to its previous statement that it “is considering all its options”. If successful, however, Manhunt 2 could be on sale in the UK by the beginning of August.

However, Rockstar faces a similar battle on the other side of the Atlantic, where it would have to appeal to the ESRB for a lower rating – currently it has been granted an Adults Only certificate, meaning platform holders will not grant it a licence.


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