Rohde: Sony was 'dancing in the aisles' after £429 Xbox One reveal

Ben Parfitt
Rohde: Sony was 'dancing in the aisles' after £429 Xbox One reveal

Sony’s head of Worldwide Studios America Scott Rohde can remember the precise moment that Microsoft revealed the Xbox One’s RRP.

That’s because it was a cause of celebration for the PS4 platform holder, the exec has said.

"I'm not gonna lie. I remember exactly where I was," Rohde told ArsTechnica. "We were in press conference rehearsals last year. We had a feeling they were going to come in at $499, but we weren't sure.

“So yeah, we were dancing in the aisles and high-fiving. It was great. Anyone that came in on an interview, it didn't matter what the question was, I could always just answer it with $399. It was the answer to every question."

Rohde added that he wasn’t surprised by Microsoft’s subsequent decision to drop Kinect and cut the price of its console down to £349.

"I think that, to be truthful, we always assumed that eventually they'd have to release a SKU without a camera," he added. "So we were waiting for it to a degree, and we were ready for it."


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