Roundtable: 15 years of Resident Evil

Christopher Dring
Roundtable: 15 years of Resident Evil

The Resident Evil movies are the most successful video game to film adaptations around. Why do you think it has succeeded when so many others have failed?

 Kawata: Having been able to build good relations between the game and the movies was definitely the key to the success of the movie s. The staff that took  part in creating the movies did a lot of research on the game. We also trusted them in the production process and had faith that they will create cool films. 

Kobayashi: I think the films extract the essence of Resident Evil very well. Films and games are very different forms of entertainment but Resident Evil films really do well to ooze out the Resident Evil atmosphere from the game to fit the cinema style.

Turner: The films have learnt from the popularity of the games and borrowed amazing aspects while still having the freedom to explore  elements of the RE universe that games have not yet gone. 

Ichii: Capcom do not like simply replicating real life situations and making it in to a game – it always has to have some crazy people or events happening and this is definitely what makes our games enticing. I think films are similar that way and if it’s too normal it’s boring but if it’s too different it is hard to empathise. Resident Evil is interesting as a film because it is unreality realistically told and is somehow, strangely as you smirk, believable. 


Resident Evil  is 15 years-old. It has succeeded on multiple platforms and redefined the horror genre twice. How are you planning to keep it relevant for the next 15 years?

Ichii: We now stand in an extremely competitive field, and we simply cannot bask in past glorious moments. We need to thrive and make the next survivor’s list in the industry – and no one is seeded. However I am very sure, looking at our short and long term plans as well as the roster of our talented members at Capcom, that we will step up to become the true powerhouse of high quality games. 

Kawata: I feel that we need to pick up on the storylines that has been left off. And to do this, we need new ideas. This is our 15th year anniversary but we will be looking at 20th and keep going for new challenges!


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