Rumours of a new Knights of the Old Republic are downplayed

Ben Parfitt
Rumours of a new Knights of the Old Republic are downplayed

It now looks as if a third Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game may not be the imminent reality many had hoped for.

Rumours that BioWare was working on a new instalment in its popular RPG series kicked off when Liam Robertson of the Unseen64 podcast recently claimed that: “I’ve learned now that [BioWare Austin is] pretty much now exclusively working on Star Wars games and they’re going to be doing that for the indefinite future.

“I don’t know when this is set to come out, but it has been in development for a little while now.”

However, Kotaku followed up with a report claiming that the information is outdated. It says that BioWare did play about with a new KOTOR prototype, but the project was never greenlit. Instead, BioWare is supposedly working on a new IP that’s due to be announced at E3. It’s described as “Destiny-ish”.

Indeed, when Kotaku contacted Robertson he immediately downplayed his claims.

“Going to hold my hands up here - I think I just misheard some of the Austin stuff when I was talking on Skype, so I may have misspoke there,” he confessed.

“There’s also the element that I had no notes in front of me and just sort of rambled on from memory. I did not expect these few select statements to blow up (oops). My bad there.

“Let me clarify that I don’t think KOTOR’s a current project. I’m still confident Austin is doing something Star Wars related though and I’m confident in that.”

Knights of the Old Republic was first released way back in 2003. A sequel developed by Obsidian followed a year later. In 2011 BioWare released its similarly titles Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.


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