SCEE: No April PS3 launch in Europe

According to CNET, when asked what his goals for PlayStation are this year, Stringer responds: “I think it is 6 million units by the end of the quarter, worldwide. And then we have got the European launch in April, which is very important to us.”

But don’t get too excited – a senior executive at SCEE has just told MCV that David Reeves has today re-affirmed the March date internally and that PS3 will not launch in April.

Platform holder SCEE is expected to reveal next week that the UK PS3 will arrive in late March for around £425 for the 60gb model. While there has been a flood of claims and counter-claims over the European PS3 launch on the web this week, it seems patient gamers and industry execs will just have to wait until early next week for an official announcement on final dates, specification, launch line-up and pricing.

Elsewhere in the CNET interview, Stringer reveals that PS3 should launch with over 20 games in Europe, whilst also addressing the thorny issue of the console’s price.

“Despite understandable concern about the cost - the whole purpose of PlayStation 3 is to create future opportunities. The early anxiety is that the Cell chip is expensive for consumer electronics applications. But prices come down, and for the first time in the last few months the Cell chip group is beginning to come up with Cell applications that are quite exciting...We're clearly at the stage where the opportunities for that high-powered processor are gathering momentum.”


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