SCi switches to Eidos label

June 17 2005 By Lisa Foster

SCi has revealed that it will release all future titles under the Eidos label.

The news comes as SCi this morning announced its interim results, posting an actual loss of £3.8 million, as expected.

SCi’s acquisition of Eidos was completed on May 16th and it’s confident of returning the Tomb Raider publisher to profit within the next 12 months. The integration of Eidos is “making good progress,” according to the firm, with a number of key decisions already being implemented.

“The Board has decided that all future products published by the enlarged Group will be released under the Eidos brand name,” offered chief executive Jane Cavanagh in a statement to the City. “This recognises that the Eidos brand has a high degree of recognition with consumers and retailers, particularly in the US. This will not affect the corporate identity of the Group, which will continue to be known as SCi Entertainment Group.

“Secondly, we have decided to retain and build Eidos’ North American publisher operation based in San Francisco… all future products will be published by Eidos in North America.”

MCV will carry a full report of SCi’s integration of the Eidos business in next Friday’s issue.


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