Sega launches urinal console

Ben Parfitt
Sega launches urinal console

It's new hardware, but possibly not as you expected it. Former platform holder Sega has launched a new range of machines in Japan… that attach to male urinals.

Wired reports that the new devices, called 'Toylets', have been rolled out for testing at a number of locations in Tokyo. Each basin is installed with a pressure sensor and LCD screen. The games are controlled both by the strength and direction of the user's wee.

Between sessions the screen is able to display advertising.

Four titles are include din the trial version of Toylet - 'Mannekin Pis' (try and wee as hard as you can), 'Graffiti Eraser' (remove paint by weeing on every part of the picture), 'Milk from Nose' (wee harder than the bloke before you and the on-screen character sprays more milk out of his nose!) and 'The North Wind and Her' (wee harder to increase the strength of the wind and try and blow a girl's skirt up).

Should user's feel inclined they are able to use a USB stick to save their game data.


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