Sega Sammy profits rise 117%

Dominic Sacco
Sega Sammy profits rise 117%

Sega Sammy has posted its financial results for the nine months ending December 31st, with a 117 per cent rise in profit year-on-year.

Total sales increased 8.7 per cent during the period to ¥310bn (£2.4bn), up from ¥285bn (£2.2m) the year prior. Profit rose from ¥17bn (£129m) to ¥37bn (£281m).

Sega Sammy sold 5.7m video games in the US during the period, 6m copies in Europe and 1.9m games in Japan. Overall it saw sales of 13.6m games during the nine months.

A statement read: “Major titles for overseas markets including Sonic Colours, Vanquish and Football Manager 2011, along with the major titles for the Japanese market including Shining Hearts, were newly released in the current third quarter.

“In the overseas markets, sales of the new titles remained slow as affected by the adverse market condition, although sales remained solid in the Japanese market.”

The group’s other business avenues include arcade machines, amusement facilities and gambling slot machines.


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