Sharknado: The Video Game is a real thing

Ben Parfitt
Sharknado: The Video Game is a real thing

Did you know there’s going to be another Sharknado film? There is. And now there’s going to be a game too.

Syfy’s 2013 b-movie outing Sharknado was for reasons unfathomable to man a cult hit. So much so, in fact, that the station will on July 30th debut Sharknado 2: The Second One. Yes, that is its actual name.

Majesco Publishing has been handed publishing duties on the iOS game, which – shock horror – is an endless runner in which you hit sharks with swords. Obviously.

“When Majesco approached us about making a Sharknado game, we said ‘yes’ before they’d even finished asking,” designer Frank Cifaldi told IGN. “The game we came up with is very much in the spirit of the films: ridiculous, overblown, yet oddly sincere.

“We can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into it.”

We’re sorry.


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