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Show and Sell

It’s taken years of hard work for Eurogamer Expo to achieve its lofty status, even longer for Wolf Events to establish the cross-media MCM Expos, and word is that Live was a costly move.

But if someone can crack this arena, you’d hope it would be GAME.

Indeed, while the firm may be talking about a five-point transformation plan, this event might be the biggest test of its power. In-store Wi-Fi? Nothing compared to converting Reward Card holders into paying attendees willing to trek to the Birmingham NEC.

Martyn Gibbs says that the event itself isn’t designed as a money-spinner for the Group, and is instead a testament to how publishers can access its audience.

He’s probably not lying.

But even if GAME won’t see a dime from it, the firm is certainly putting its money where its mouth is by saying it can draw the crowds in.


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