Sierra reveals first Bourne details

Ben Parfitt
Following on from its signing of the Robert Ludlam licence in 2005, Vivendi-owned publishing label Sierra has finally revealed some concrete details about the project – announcing that developer High Moon Studios is handling duties on the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 title, which is to be called Robert Ludlam's Bourne Conspiracy.

"With Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy we are not just basing a game on Ludlum's franchise – we are building upon the universe he introduced with The Bourne Identity," High Moon Studios president Peter Della Penna stated.

"High Moon has collaborated closely with Mr. Ludlum’s estate holders, the guardians of his creative vision, since the day we began to develop the game.

"The goal of that collaboration has been to create a videogame that takes inspiration from known elements within the Bourne universe, elements that have captivated more than a quarter of a billion people around the world, with original story and game play that establishes a signature Jason Bourne game experience.”

Expect more details to be revealed at E3 next month ahead of its release in 2008.


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