Six of the best back GMAs

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts, Take 2 and Vivendi Games are all backing the event, which takes place at the Soho Revue Bar on Thursday, October 11th. The GMAs will be the first awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of games media across specialist and mainstream outlets, in print and online.

The involvement of such a prestigious line-up of main sponsors rubber-stamps the event as a true industry initiative and gives the awards themselves a great cachet.

The winners will be decided by a voting panel that will include members of the PR and marketing departments from across the games industry.

For Sony, UK head of PR David Wilson told MCV: “We are delighted to be a sponsor of the inaugural GMAs. Good journalism should be a source of industry pride and deserves recognition and reward.”

EA’s UK PR director Simon Smith-Wright said: “It’s going to be a great night. It’s good to see the UK media being recognised.”

Nintendo’s UK PR chief Rob Saunders added: “This event will show journalists that they are a valued and vital part of the industry.”


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