Sixaxis gets an overhaul

Ben Parfitt
Following Sony’s settlement with rumble firm Immersion, many see it as a given that the PS3’s Sixaxis joypad will soon receive rumble functionality – but SCEA’s Dave Karraker claims that reports which stated that rumble-enabled pads are already in the hands of developers are incorrect.

GamePro reports that whilst rumble remains nothing more than a rumour, the PS3 pad has received a couple of revisions – namely a pair of refined analogue sticks and an updated motion-sensor.

“We have not added rumble to PS3, and have no announcements regarding this feature,” Karraker stated.

“From time to time, we make minor enhancements to the controllers for our platforms. We recently sent out to the development community some new prototypes that have a slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analogue sticks and the motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller.

“This is not a new controller, but is part of the normal development and evolution of controllers.”


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